Meetings & Events


We Are Event Experts

Trusted by companies around the world to conceive, plan, and execute meetings and events of all sizes and caliber, Paragon Events provides scalable services to ensure that everything runs according to plan and is deemed successful by all stakeholders – especially your attendees and sponsors.

Paragon Events is comprised of a comprehensive team to manage your event in its entirety, including planners, managers, registrars, and on-site personnel, who serve as a seamless extension of your brand. We deliver first-class services through quality customer service and add strategic value to help maximize your return on investment.

From annual conferences to national trade shows, Paragon Events will work with you to confirm that all aspects of your event are accounted for and stay within budgetary guidelines. Our goal is to produce an impressive and unforgettable experience that will leave attendees eager to register for your next event.

Our Realm of Experience

The Art of the Strategy

  • Budget preparation
  • Timeline creation
  • Strategic plan
  • Site research and analysis
  • Site visit preparation
  • Hotel review, concession planning, and negotiations
  • Audio visual and business theater
  • Food and beverage
  • Hotel liaison and communication
  • Transportation departures and arrivals
  • Décor and entertainment
  • Speaker management
  • Marketing and promotional item sourcing
  • Activity and tour coordination
  • Utilization of preferred vendors
  • Sponsor and exhibitor fulfillment
  • Obtain all travel schedules, amenities, and preferences to prepare VIP Grid
  • Work with hotel to ensure pre-check-in and VIP designation
  • Provide VIP meet and greet services as directed by client
  • Registration management
  • Production rehearsals and run of show
  • Speaker management
  • Signage placement
  • Set up and tear down
  • Exhibitor and vendor management
  • Conduct post-event survey and analysis
  • Budget review
  • Post-event brief
  • Review and evaluate data
  • Establish benchmarks for next program
  • Repeat the Paragon Events process

Strategic Planning Has No Borders

Whether your next event is across the globe or across the state, Paragon Events, Inc. delivers the highest level of strategic event management support in the industry. We pride ourselves in our global reach and our ability to navigate the complexities of different regions, cultures, business practices and business languages. We own the success of your event as if it were our own.

It’s All in the Details


Registration Management

At Paragon Events, we understand the website and registration process are generally an attendee’s first impression of your event. Which is why our team is proficient in a variety of registration software and tools to be utilized to enhance your event. Throughout the duration of the planning and execution process, clients and their attendees can expect exceptional customer service accompanying an efficient, user-friendly registration experience.

We build admission forms to capture pertinent information that may provide helpful insight into the attendee demographics and their interests. These reports and analytics can significantly help shape your current event as well as future programs. The smooth registration experience online also translates to our remarkable execution on-site. We strive to check-in guests as quickly and professionally as possible without diminishing the valuable customer service aspect.


Hotel Procurement

Paragon Events is able to organize and conduct detailed site visits in order to provide an in-depth assessment of a property and its surrounding area. Once a venue is secured, our team works diligently to maintain constant communication with the property, provide updates for the client, manage upgrades and amenities, and pull reports that supply data on the progress of a room block for sufficient forecasting and awareness.

Furthermore, we will track payment schedules and notify clients when contractual deadlines are approaching, as well as provide consulting in regards to attrition and assisting with well-informed decisions to successfully manage the room block. We also strive to fulfill attendee preferences, acquire concessions and special VIP considerations to elevate the overall program.


Sponsorship Strategy

Sponsorships can significantly increase your net operating income, grow your attendee list, and provide additional program benefits. Paragon Events can guide you through the generation process by helping you develop sponsorship goals and benchmarks, create an attractive and customized prospectus, and identify key markets or investors to target.

In addition, as sponsors and exhibitors are secured, our in-house team is able to ensure that packages and benefits are fulfilled to satisfaction. Regarding exhibition logistics, we are also able to design exciting and engaging floorplans that provide partners with significant value and opportunities to network.


Audiovisual Productions

From intimate to large-scale productions, Paragon Events is able to develop custom staging, lighting, sound, and other presentation needs to effectively engage and entertain audiences. We utilize an exclusive group of preferred vendors that are able to provide 3D renderings of a proposed production set up, as well as answer any questions with innovative solutions.

We can also assist with collecting or building speaker presentations and verify that they are formatted for optimal display. During the live component, Paragon Events is able to support the run of show and manage the distribution of performance details.


Speaker Management

With years of experience working with notable public figures and dignitaries, Paragon Events can secure and manage all speaker logistics and reservations to align with your program needs. Paragon Events will thoroughly review speaker contracts and propose negotiations based on budgetary guidelines. Upon confirmation, we will coordinate travel arrangements, collect biographies and headshots for marketing, organize presentation content, and manage speaker payments including per diems and benefits.

On-site Paragon Events will provide a Speaker Ready room for presenters to comfortably relax and prepare, as well as make any necessary changes to their materials. Paragon Events will act as the main point of contact for speakers to turn to with any questions or requests.


Our event marketing services are custom in design and scope as we recognize that every client is different. Based on your company’s specific goals and objectives, we will create a compelling marketing plan that integrates with your event’s deadlines and key highlights.

Our in-house graphics and marketing department is equipped to design and coordinate printing of event signage to create a sense of place and enhance the attendee experience when navigating their way through the event. In addition to visual displays, we are also able to assist with logo creation, email marketing, social media management, advertising, and promotional products that exclusively fit your corporate signature.