Paragon Events — Making the Most of Your Executive Retreat

Paragon Events is focused on developing a clear and strong agenda to achieve your overall purpose and desired outcomes. We are experts in securing retreats, ensuring that proper standards and protocols are met. Discover how our services can spark new opportunities and ideas for your organization.

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Executive retreats are an incredible way to introduce others or welcome individuals on to the board. It can also be a great way to introduce new subjects or industry changes, particularly via the learning vehicle of a workshop.

Reset From the Every Day: Benefits of Executive Retreats

Whether indoors or outside, retreats are a great way to break free from normal routines and get people talking and working together in a different setting. According to Clarity Clinic, varying from the normal routine of every day may help to improve brain activity and function, and even help to discourage what is known as “burnout!”

Location Ideas for Retreats

Retreats can be nearly anywhere – from wine country to the rural countryside or a private room at a public restaurant. 

Virtual and hybrid events are also great options, but you’ll have to elevate your engagement game! Creating unique and captivating experiences is key to keeping remote attendees engaged.

How do you know which approach is the best for your event? It boils down to a number of different factors—including your event size, budget, timeline, and the geography of attendees. Each event approach provides its own unique benefits. Together, we can determine which approach is best for your organization.

5 Things to Consider

Keeping Good Minutes is Important!

According to LegalNature, here’s why: