Association Management


Revolutionizing association management, Paragon Events has emerged as the undeniable ally for volunteer leaders. We eliminate disruption, amplifying governance through dynamic partnerships,strategic direction-setting, and policy implementation. Our industry experts own the operations, liberating association leaders to shine in their specialties. We streamline, you lead – welcome the new era ‘business of association’.

Services that Combine Support and Strategy

Paragon Events is a forward-thinking full-service association management company that provides unrivaled personal service, strategic partnership, and marketing acumen. With our broad spectrum of in-house talents and years of expert experience, we have proven that the team approach to association management provides a solid set of skills for delivering comprehensive and exceptional customer service.

We understand the importance of your mission, goals, and value proposition. Our strategic oversight, member care, administrative, marketing, financial, and event management services all work together to ensure your association is growing and prospering while increasing operational efficiencies and improving your bottom line.

Find out why Paragon Events has been entrusted by regional, national, and global organizations to engage members, strengthen thought leadership, increase industry and member value, and develop winning sponsorship, meeting, and marketing strategies.

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Transformative Association Management

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Boost Community

Craft a strategic plan with budget preparation, timeline creation, site research, and analysis. We'll help you navigate through site visits and hotel negotiations with expertise and ease.

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Fuel Revenue Growth

Our comprehensive approach includes managing everything from audio-visual requirements and food & beverage to marketing and promotional items. We ensure a seamless event experience through meticulous planning and execution.

Unique Networking

We take care of the finer details, from obtaining all travel schedules and preferences to coordinating VIP meet and greet services. You can trust us to deliver an exceptional VIP experience.

Member Support Specialists

From registration management and speaker handling to signage placement and vendor management, we ensure your event runs smoothly from setup to tear down.

Recruitment & Retention

After your event, we provide thorough post-event analysis, budget review, and insights for improvement. Our service doesn't stop at the event's conclusion.

Unleash Board Potential

We continually evaluate performance and establish benchmarks for future programs. With us, you can look forward to constantly improving and refining your events.

“Paragon has a track record of taking over associations that have been struggling or stalled from a strategic planning and a financial planning perspective. In a matter of weeks these associations were poised for course correction. Examples of this immediate impact included two of our present chapters. These chapters were near a point of bankruptcy and lacked member engagement. Quickly, with Paragon Events on board as their Association Management provider guiding the ship, they were able to set goals and objectives specific to getting them where they needed to be to progress successfully. Years later with the consistent strength, dedication and expertise of Paragon Events these organizations continue to thrive. There is no doubt; Paragon Events sets the bar high from the point of RFP through each year of your contract.”
Dana Decker-Perrino

Our Association Management Advantage

Paragon Events offers association management with a distinctive edge. What sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to placing customer service at the forefront of our standards.

Where many associations may typically fall short in “service with a smile,” this is not an obstacle for us at Paragon Events. We consistently outperform and go above and beyond the base requirements for our clients.