Innovating in Japan with Fortune 100 Companies

Innovating in Japan with Fortune 100 Companies

YOKKAICHI, Japan — Another spectacular Paragon Event! Approximately 200 key clients, guests, local stakeholders, and staff gathered to celebrate the opening of the new Fab 2 semiconductor fabrication facility located in Yokkaichi, Japan. Paragon was chosen to support the internal event lead with registration, activities, amenity support, dinner and on-site logistics, transportation assistance and full attendee communication.

The celebration kicked off with a traditional Shinto Ceremony to bless the new building, followed by tape cutting, a tour of the facility and the Kigou (wafer signing). A celebration and press conference including a Q & A session concluded the event. The Presidents of the two Fortune 100 companies that are partners in the Fab each spoke about their gratitude to all supporters, including: customers, partners, local stakeholders and developers. This was the second factory opening that Paragon assisted with.

The global flash memory market is growing continuously with the expanded use of flash memory in smartphones, SSDs, and other applications.  “The new Fab 2 facility will support the conversion of the companies’ 2D NAND capacity to 3D flash memory, allowing realization of solutions offering higher densities and better device performance.” ( According to Senkei News, over 1.4 trillion yen will be invested in 3D NAND by 2018.

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