Aaron Kurzweil

Marketing Generalist

Headshot image of Aaron Kurzweil

Aaron Kurzweil serves Paragon Events as Marketing Generalist. Aaron is a dynamic marketing and communications professional boasting over five years of experience in the Marketing and Creative industry. Known for his exceptional talent in crafting captivating brand messaging and devising innovative content strategies, he possesses a remarkable ability to implement tailored approaches that drive audience engagement and generate valuable leads. Throughout his career, Aaron has successfully collaborated with over 300 diverse clients, both non-profit and for-profit, providing communication and identity services. An ardent believer in continuous growth, Aaron eagerly embraces new challenges and endeavors, constantly expanding his skill set. He values transparency, collaboration, and unleashing creativity to deliver exceptional outcomes. Outside of his professional pursuits, Aaron’s vibrant personality shines through his passion for music, espresso, and his genuine enjoyment of connecting with like-minded industry professionals.





Espresso, music, going to the beach


“Living simply makes loving simple.”

– bell hooks