Strategic Oversight

Paragon Events Inc. prides our team on taking a tactical approach with our clients, while looking at an organization holistically. We offer a library of tools and resources to ensure a productive year of programming and membership growth ahead. Our chapter managers and administrators willingly share best practices that offer valuable insight and guidance. Overall, we believe strategic oversight to be one of the most important areas for an association to successfully perform and prosper.

It is our operating philosophy that association management services are not an expense, but rather an investment to deliver a solid and measurable return. We understand the pressures and barriers often faced by a board of directors, to achieve both short-term results and long-term value. Which is why we engage in year-round strategic discussions, committee meetings and performance evaluations to support our clients’ goals and initiatives.

Paragon Events Inc. helps organizations build and enhance the impact of their communities through action planning and other areas including:

  • Business plan development
  • Plan assessment and re-synchronization
  • Distribution of best practices for governance, operations and legal compliance
  • Solutions-based strategy implementation
  • Executive committee support

Let’s collaborate together on how to elevate your organization and empower your members towards building a sustainable future.