Membership Management

Strong connections are proven to be the key to engagement. To build a solid membership base, it requires several powerful multipliers. Paragon Events Inc. offers a full team of professionals dedicated to member recruitment and retention strategies. We help organizations understand the value of their community and how it intersects with their various roles.

Through a collection of member demographics and market segments, we assess for potential areas of opportunity to establish and grow the organization. We focus on designing and implementing actionable plans in collaboration with the association’s committees to successfully communicate with the membership at large.

We work to become an extension of an organization and are trained to speak on member benefits, programs, and cost of dues, while also answering any general inquiries. Our membership coordinators also emphasize the influence of referrals and how communication can help an association thrive.

To achieve acquisition goals and deliver a positive membership experience, we provide the following services:

  • Process membership application and dues
  • Prepare and distribute new member kits
  • Research and actively communicate with prospective members
  • Administer member incentive programs and initiatives
  • Field any questions about the organization and becoming a member
  • Support in the onboarding process and dissemination of information
  • Update the membership roster and website on a consistent basis
  • Oversight of membership development and succession planning
  • Coordination and collaboration with the Board of Directors and committees

Members are the fundamental component of an organization – without them, an association would simply not exist. Allow us to help lighten the load and grow an organization of loyal, long-term supporters.