Legislative Affairs

Legislative Affairs

Legislative affairs and political action committees are often underestimated by the importance of their roles. These members dedicate their efforts to raise funds and advocate for issues at a city, state, and national level. In addition, they willingly volunteer their time to travel and attend congressional meetings in hopes of reaching favorable outcomes that support their industries.

Paragon Events Inc. is influential in helping Political Action Committees (PAC) identify areas of opportunity that best align with the political interests of the organization. By strategically gaining the financial and voting support of various members, Paragon Events Inc. works to ensure that your association’s voice is heard amongst important leaders and lawmakers.

Government relations can be confusing and cumbersome for an organization, even creating liability issues if not properly managed. Paragon Events Inc. strives to help you develop strong, long-term connections with policymakers and fellow lobbyists, while remaining compliant and well-respected in the industry.

Our team of skilled professionals collaborate with our clients on a bipartisan level and can help organize all travel and logistical details. We offer full-scale support, including assistance with:

  • Scheduling of  legislative meetings and visits
  • Collection of collateral and talking points
  • Monitoring of issues, pending laws and reforms
  • Support and communication of grassroot efforts
  • Solicitation of contributions and direct disbursements
  • Facilitation of congressional and donor relations
  • Compliance support and oversight
  • Tracking of fundraising goals and benchmarks

Join forces with us to establish a strong presence in the halls of government, while advocating for the issues that matter most to your organization.