International Meetings

Paragon Events Inc. serves various corporations with global teams that operate across the world. Our staff is knowledgeable on the challenges prompted by international meetings and attains the experience to manage these programs with efficiency and ease.

We carefully consider the meeting destination and take into account any time zone differences, language barriers, varying currencies, social standards, and communication styles. We leverage our business relationships and technology tools to achieve optimum connectivity amongst teams. We strongly value our clients’ preferences and will adapt to meet their overall goals. In addition, our focus remains on cultural competency as we strive to provide a positive and unified experience for everyone.

Paragon Events Inc. is an expert in planning and negotiating for meetings abroad. Our worldwide experience includes:

  • Global summits
  • International sales kick-offs
  • Risk management conferences
  • Industry-related symposiums
  • International association events
  • Multinational, team-building experiences

Furthermore, we go beyond our duties as planners and aim to become a strategic arm for our clients’ companies year-round. We are able to help guide organizations on crisis management, control and visibility of spend, benchmark development, and enterprise-wide processes.

Planning an international meeting can be a complex task, requiring crucial attention to detail and understanding of group dynamics. Allow us to cross borders with you to deliver a collaborative experience for all attendees.