Brand Activations

Establish a strong presence in the marketplace by creating a buzz, connecting with customers, and tapping into important buying decisions through brand activations. Differing from a standard event, these occurrences require a multilayered event and marketing plan to raise awareness, increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

Paragon Events Inc. conducts extensive industry research and hosts creative brainstorming sessions in order to reach our clients’ target audience and achieve their lead generation goals. Our team has experience in developing:

  • Experiential marketing plans
  • Sampling campaigns
  • Pop up and surprise showcases
  • Partner and influencer collaborations
  • Promotional product design and research
  • Interactive product demonstrations
  • Unique customer outreach and follow-up

Our team invests the time and energy into understanding our client’s brand, their values and overall mission. We leverage this information by applying it to potential co-branding and cross promotional opportunities.

Let us help you create a memorable experience that provides a long-lasting impact and leaves a positive impression on customers, prospects, and the industry as a whole.