Board and Executive Retreats

Board and executive retreats provide immeasurable value to members as these meetings establish a plan of action, harmonize relationships, and promote growth amongst an organization. To host a productive meeting, it is important to define goals and objectives early on in the planning process.

Paragon Events Inc. is focused on developing a clear and strong agenda for our clients to achieve their overall purpose and desired outcomes. In addition, we provide full-scale support in securing the space and resources needed to engage and energize attendees. Our staff is also able to facilitate the retreat, ensuring that proper standards and protocol are met.

Discover how our services can spark new opportunities and ideas amongst an organization. Paragon Events Inc. is able to assist with any of the following areas and tailor each facet to meet your specific goals. We can help with:

  • Development of strategic plans
  • Training of roles and responsibilities
  • New member orientation
  • Operational discussions
  • Team-building and engagement
  • Board assessments and evaluations

We understand how valuable a strong and cohesive leadership team is, especially for the members who willingly volunteer their time and efforts. Reap the benefits of a well-executed retreat and see how Paragon Events can positively transform your organization.