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Thought Leaders. Trailblazers. Trendsetters. These are only a few words used to describe and recognize our efforts in the marketplace. Celebrated authors and publications often call on us to seek our point of view in regards to the industry’s latest news and trends. Paragon Events is always proud to offer our insight and guidance, as well as support others that share our focus on providing extraordinary value and service.

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Planners Explain Their Toughest Tasks

Katherine Stokoe, Manager of Meetings & Events, provides valuable insight to the challenges of cost awareness and budget management that event planners face.


August 7, 2019 – Asking planners what their biggest challenges are is like asking a firefighter what’s the most difficult part of responding to and extinguishing a multiple-alarm office building fire.

Millennials, Gen Xers & Baby Boomers: Piecing together a better marketing approach

Renee Radabaugh, President & CEO, gives her take on the best methods for effectively marketing to different generations.

By: Maria Lenhart

August 2019 Issue – When it comes to marketing an event or destination, meeting planners and DMOs know all too well that no single strategy works for attendees of all generations.

2019 15 Over 50: Renee Radabaugh, CMP

Paragon Events’ President & CEO Renee Radabaugh is announced as a 2019 15 over 50 Honoree.

By: Connect Staff

April 29, 2019 – Renee Radabaugh, CMP, works in Delray Beach, Florida, as president and CEO of Paragon Events. As a 2019 15 Over 50 honoree, Radabaugh discusses her passion for the events industry.

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