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Smile For A Great Cause

Behind that giant smiley face, is Renee Radabaugh’s teenage son, Dakotah.

As a parent, you are probably constantly encouraging your kids to do the right thing or to get involved in the community. Above all, parents plead with their children to simply stay out of trouble. As a mom, Renee says she “could not be more proud of my Dakotah.” Dakotah decided to not only meet all of his mom’s requests, but he went a step beyond and volunteered his extra time (which seems to be so valuable to most teenagers) for the Imagination Organization. The organization encourages at risk youths to get off or stay off drugs and alcohol, and that is definitely something to smile about.

As the holiday season is upon us, we at Paragon Events felt the need to give as well. Our Featured Event this month, “One Click. One Wish. Make a Difference.” is one all about helping those who could use a helping hand this holiday season. To see how Paragon would like to make a difference on your behalf please visit the featured event page.
Happy Holidays!

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