Happy International Day of Happiness!

Happy International Day of Happiness!

In honor of “International Happiness Day”  this Sunday, March 20th we wanted to share a few things that make us happy and also share how making sure your staff and event attendees happiness affects – well – everything!  According to the 2015 World Happiness Report, the US is #15 on the list of happiest countries, right behind Mexico. There is much evidence that those who have happier lives are likely to live longer, to be more trusting, more cooperative, and generally better able to meet life’s demands. Gallup studies show that businesses with higher employee happiness and satisfaction also have 70% higher productivity and 86% higher customer ratings (yourhappiness.com). According to inhappiness.org, happy teams communicate, cooperate and perform better. They have higher productivity, are better corporate citizens, take fewer days off, and change jobs less often.

If you are planning an event, recognize that happiness is contagious! We catch emotions from one another, so making one person happy can actually make 100 people happy! Consider destinations without extreme temperatures. Research has suggested happiness is maximized at 13.9 degrees Celsius, 57 Fahrenheit (happyologist.co.uk). Comfort also makes people happier. Are your attendees sitting? If so, how comfortable are the chairs? Uncomfortable chairs make people less agreeable. It makes sense; if you’re uncomfortable, you’re distracted, and if you sit long enough like that, you become irritable. Provide seating that will stay comfortable for as long as possible, and the attendees will get much more out of your event (vinylart.com). Want attendees to remember what you say? Be positive! Students remembered 81% of positive words and 31% of negative words (lifehack.org).

We circulated a survey to see what makes us here at Paragon Events happy. Read on to find some fresh ideas on how to bring more happiness into your life, or to inspire you to spread some happiness to someone else!

What have you done this week to bring happiness to another person?

  • I wrote notes of gratitude, called my husband to tell him I love him.
  • Gave a troubled friend a hug, gave a friend a ride to work, held the door for a stranger at the store.
  • Had a conversation with an attendee that didn’t have someone go to the casino with and linked him up with another attendee who wanted to go as well.  He was very very excited.
  • Helped a friend practice a presentation she was nervous about giving (she killed it by the way!)  Gave a colleague advice on a touchy situation.  Did a task for a client before they knew they needed it or asked.
  • Bought my granddaughter an electric guitar.

 What is your “rule” for happiness? 

  • Always stay open minded!
  • “Live your life with love”, what you give is what you get back.
  • To stay true to myself, and to try and give more than I receive.
  • The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others. Robert Baden Powell.  I enjoy making people smile and a firm believer that a good laugh can make things not look so bad. I find it so hard to believe that there are people that are embarrassed to laugh out loud in fear of what people would think and I think it is truly contagious and I am not afraid to spread it.
  • Give to others with no expectation of anything in return. Be generous with my time , mentor those who can use it, think about my kids and husband every day and think of something they have done to make me proud.
  • Try to have a positive outlook on a daily basis and not to expect unrealistic things, objectives, or ideas.
  • Make time for people.  No matter how busy you are, 2 minutes of your time can make all the different for a person.

What is one thing that brings happiness to your day? (and photos below!)

  • My daughter Aria Marie
  • My husband Henry
  • Hugs, coffee and yoga
  • My Family
  • My kids and grandkids
  • Seeing my dog after being away for a week was pure happiness!
  • My Family

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