Are you breaking the law while hosting a raffle?!

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Are you breaking the law while hosting a raffle?!

Did you know that Florida law has the power to regulate how your organization conducts raffles and other games of chance at your events? There are laws regarding how you can advertise the raffle, select winners, and organize their drawings. As event planners, we know that having games, raffles, and of course prizes are all fabulous ways to get your attendees excited about the event. After finding an interesting article on this topic, I also know that not following the law concerning raffling can cause your organization to face a misdemeanor in the second degree. It is imperative that you know the rules on raffling!

Some “fun facts” about the law:

  • Any brochures, notices, or tickets must clearly state the full name of the organization holding the drawing and its place of business
  • These materials must also state the date, hour, and place at which the winners will be chosen
  • Raffle organizers cannot show favoritism in any way to people who may have donated money to your organization. No bias allowed!
  • No discrimination against those who did not donate ANYTHING to the charitable group
  • Under Florida law, your organization is not allowed to require an entry fee (You can, however, suggest a minimum donation)
  • Each state varies in regard to their laws on gaming. Make sure your drawing is fair and honest, with each and every ticket equally likely to be chosen! From personal experience, we can tell you that raffle gaming is a great, lighted-hearted source of entertainment for your attendees, just make sure it is fun for you too and follow your state’s laws!

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