7 Tips to be Successful on Facebook

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7 Tips to be Successful on Facebook

Ever wondered if you’re using your Facebook business page to its highest potential? Here are some handy tips on making the most of this free, high-traffic marketing platform. We’re excited to utilize these ourselves in 2013.

  • Utilize pre-established source to gain fans. If you already have a loyal following established elsewhere, like a high-traffic website or lengthy collection of e-mail addresses, use that as a jumping-off point. Place a big button on your website directing visitors to your Facebook page or send an e-blast with an invitation to find you on Facebook.
  • Have an incentive. Unfortunately, some customers won’t be convinced to follow your Facebook updates just because they know of your company. Try adding an incentive, like a giveaway to a random follower, or an exclusive discount for Facebook fans only.
  • Ongoing, frequent engagement. We all know those ghostly Facebook pages; the ones that post a single half-hearted update and then disappear into Internet oblivion for months at a time. Sorry, but no one is interested in subscribing to that page. Interesting, interactive, frequent engagement with your fans will encourage followers to get involved to stay subscribed. Best of all, their interactions on your page will show up in their friends’ News Feeds, increasing your reach.
  • Partner with others online. A great way to gain a following quickly is to be endorsed by another established Facebook user, blogger, or other trusted Internet presence. Link up with a client or business partner who has a great fanship and ask them to give you a shout-out. Make sure to drop by your customers, vendors, competitors, neighbors and partners’ pages and say hello on their Walls, for all of their fans to see.
  • Tag, tag, tag while at offline events. When you’re at a tradeshow, event, or out-of-office meeting, make sure to post an update with a photo and tag away! Use the “@” symbol to find other businesses in attendance and include them on your post. Shout out the venue, event planner and caterer as well. This ensures that your post appears on the pages of everyone involved and grows your reach.
  • Be a wealth of knowledge. One way to attract fans is by becoming a one-stop shop for great info. Keep your updates relevant to your industry and include outside articles, research, and tips. Good, helpful posts will result in “likes” and “shares” that will start spreading your name all over Facebook.
  • Have fun! Best of all, have fun with it! No one likes a Facebook business page that only talks about the company and what it’s trying to sell. Include silly photos from around the office, post your favorite quote of the day, mention the charity work your company is doing on the weekends. People like to see that there are real, relatable people behind your Facebook pages.

Now go out there and show Facebook who’s boss. Oh, and don’t forget to “like” Paragon Events!

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