6 Standout Destinations in the Last 6 Years

6 Standout Destinations in the Last 6 Years

Over the past thirty years, Paragon Events has brought clients to a wide array of destinations for conferences and meetings as well as for incentive programs and trips. From overwater bungalows and white sand beaches to lush forests or snow capped mountains, our team of destination management specialists ensured each trip is an unforgettable experience for every attendee.

Incentive programs have continued to increase over the years in the corporate world, surpassing even monetary offerings and company gifts. As generations in the office place shift, we find that more individuals value exploration and experiences. By incentivizing employees through travel, results show that a company can:

  • Increase its sales and profitability
  • Provide an opportunity for peer-to-peer networking outside the office
  • Increase overall company moral and build a stronger company culture

In addition, the chance to relax and rejuvenate, a part from the office, while also re-engaging with fellow team members, can inspire greater long-term value and appreciation for the company.

When selecting the perfect destination for an upcoming incentive trip (or conference), there are many factors to consider and plan for. Destination management begins with knowing your team or attendees; from their interests to their location and travel time. Also, you may want to evaluate a location’s infrastructure and confirm if there is a universal appeal or cultural aspect to spark curiosity and excitement. Let’s not forget about the actual meeting space. It’s important to ensure that accommodations align with your group’s size and allow for a seamless execution of the program.

Paragon Events provides full-scale incentive travel and destination management services, with experience in over 62 countries. Looking back on our past work, here are six stand-out places that we’d love to revisit—pun intended. 🙂


At the top of our list, this luxurious island offers endless opportunities for extravagant indulgences, including spa services or water-related activities.

Must Do: Snorkeling in the Indian Ocean – The Maldives is home to the world’s largest coral atolls that remain above the ocean surface. Due to the abundance of coral reefs and crystal clear waters in the area, divers can discover a variety of vibrant marine life and habitats.

Know Before You Go: Beyond the resorts, the Maldives recognizes Islam as its state religion and adheres to the Sharia Law. Individuals must be covered up, even at beaches, and it’s important to note that there are limited restaurants and access to alcohol.

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So many islands, so little time! We highly recommend visiting the capital of Hawaii on the Oahu island, especially for a company with an international team. This destination serves a central location for visitors traveling from the U.S., Asia, and beyond.

Must Do: Kualoa Ranch – This 4,000-acre private nature reserve will take your breath away. Visitors can choose from horseback riding, ATV tours, zip-lining, and more. Plus, the area served as a movie location for Jurassic Park!

Know Before You Go: Hawaii has all four seasons, so be sure to check the weather, depending on what island you’re visiting. We were surprised to learn that it snows at the Mauna Kea mountain!

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From ancient architecture to temples and shrines; Kyoto is a destination to experience the traditional culture combined with historical elements.

Must Do: Bamboo forest – Arashiyama is a popular district just outside of Kyoto where a selection of tours are available to familiarize yourself with all the history and beauty the area has to offer. Upon arrival, spend some time getting acquainted with the food and culture prior to heading to the 9th-century Togetsukyo Bridge for a light stroll while embracing the incredible panoramic views. Once you cross the bridge, you’ll discover both the 14th-centry Tenryu-ji Temple and the picturesque bamboo garden.

Know Before You Go: Be sure to pack a good pair of walking shoes. Whether you’re exploring attractions, crossing foot bridges or wandering down side streets, walking is highly recommended to immerse yourself in this destination.

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The Bahamas are composed of 700+ islands surrounded by beautiful crystal-clear turquoise waters. In fact, it is so clear, that from the surface it’s possible to see the ocean floor 200 feet below, which is equivalent to the height of a 20-story building.

Must Do: Swimming with the pigs – For a one-of-a kind experience, consider using a private charter to tour the Spanish Wells area. This “Bahamian” excursion provides the opportunity to swim in the pristine waters while exploring the coral and marine life, and then of course ending with the novelty of swimming with pigs.

Know Before You Go: It is important to be familiar with where your guests are traveling from as a majority of airlift is through Miami, resulting in more stops and increased prices. Along with airfare, the Bahamas recently increased their Value Added Tax again to now 12%, making the location slightly more expensive to enjoy.


Canals, windmills, flower markets and coffee shops are a few of the highlights that come to mind from our trip to Holland.

Must Do: Bicycle tour – Amsterdam is known for their economically friendly transportation methods. Immerse yourself in their culture by renting a bicycle and touring the city. In fact, there are even more bicycles than residents in this town.

Know Before You Go: If you’re traveling during the months of March to May, we highly recommend adventuring right outside of the city to appreciate the flowers in full bloom.


From bright green rolling pastures to ruggedly beautiful mountain tops, Switzerland is like a fairytale of diverse landscapes, luxury spaces and an epi-center for Europe.

Must Do: Glacier express train – This iconic train ride through the Swiss Alps offers a scenic eight hour journey with dome shaped windows that allow panoramic views.

Know Before You Go: Be sure to pack your camera as throughout the cities there are plenty of opportunities to capture the beautiful views and detailed architecture.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention: Cuba! Our Cultural Explorations team knows all the ins and outs for your best trip yet. Check out the Cultural Explorations website for the latest government regulations and to speak with our team for expert travel planning.

Iceland, New Zealand, Africa and Dubai are next on our incentive trip bucket list. Where would you want to go? Make that wish a reality by heading over to our Meetings and Events page to learn more about our Incentive Programs and Destination Management services. Let’s plan your next adventure!