An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving marks the commencement of the holiday season—a special time of year that embodies the idea of expressing thanks and appreciation. With so many wonderful things to cherish in our personal and professional lives, Paragon Events is adopting an attitude of gratitude, not just for the holidays, but the entire year through!

There’s so much for our team to be thankful for…

Thanksgiving conjures up two thoughts: turkey and traditions. Many families have traditions they honor year after year to get in the holiday spirit and celebrate with their families.

Renee Radabaugh Headshot

Renee Radabaugh

“Our table is always open to friends who do not have family in the area. We always have beef and sometimes stone crabs. My husband Ron has a stone crab cracker he lets the neighbors borrow after teaching them how to use it. My daughter Francesca is the only one who wants turkey, so we make her a small turkey breast to satisfy the tradition. We finish dinner with a crazy game of Would You Rather, driven by my son Dakotah! When my children were young they would cook and deliver turkeys with their father from our restaurant. You never really feel or see the impact until they’re adults and sharing those stories. A special thank you to our Paragon Events family and all the great traditions they share every year, with great pleasure I can say I am blessed.”

Julee Cook Headshot

Julee Cooke

“These days, it is not always possible for our family to gather in one spot, but we always carve-out time on the clock for a family phone call before the meal is served while everyone is seated at the table. The phone is placed on speaker and we all share greetings and love through the airwaves to those far away and those seated around the table. My favorite traditions are deciding on the menu theme, parceling out dish assignments, and making my grandmother’s Bohemian Nut Bread, year after year— a 1920’s recipe favorite!”

Brenda Gleason

“My family celebrates with the traditional turkey dinner. I do all the cooking so I am usually up around 6:30 a.m.  I make my mother’s banana pudding along with the traditional pumpkin, cherry, and chocolate pies. After dinner, while everyone cleans up and stores the leftovers, I take a nap.”

Ashley Kunes

“I am starting a new Thanksgiving tradition of giving my daughter Christmas books, jammies and an advent calendar the day after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy them all throughout the season!”

What would the holidays be without friends and family to share them with?

Xiomara “Cee” Rivas

“My sister and I typically go to my parent’s house early and do brunch while we cook dinner. All of the family comes over and typically we tell stories of the past and after dinner we break out the board games. We have additional family and friends that come by to join us for after dinner festivities to cheers to the holiday season. I’m thankful for my son, Xavier, who just turned 18 and for being able to participate in his senior year activities. Also for my boyfriend, who’s kicking leukemia’s butt like a true fighter.”

Macarena “Maca” Barrueco

“The Thanksgiving traditions I have now are thanks to my fiancé’s family. One of my favorite traditions is crafting a cornucopia, although in a basket since we find the cornucopia horn messy. It is fun and works as a centerpiece until Christmas! I also enjoy the breaking of the wishbone, but there is always a squabble over who gets to do it.”

Don’t forget about your work family too this holiday season. When you work with such a strong, fun team, there’s a lot to be grateful for!

Francesca Radabaugh Headshot

Francesca Radabaugh

“Professionally, I am very thankful to have great people to work with every day that are so dedicated to our craft. I’m also thankful for the clients and business we have and that we are growing in both regards!”

Jessica Zell

“I can honestly say some of my favorite shared dining experiences have been with Paragon Events! As a team, we’ve had the privilege of eating “around the world” in a sense, and I think that’s really special.”

Sometimes the most effective way to express gratitude for all the wonderful things in your life is by reaching out and helping others!

LaShawn Maloy

“My immediate family chooses a way to give back each year.  Last year, we helped with serving meals to the homeless on Thanksgiving morning. This year, we will be putting together fanny packs, which contain essentials, and handing them out to the homeless in one of our local parks. This helps me and my kids to realize the importance of being thankful and grateful.”

Sometimes when celebrating, it’s nice to keep it simple.

Randa Griffin

“I have a small immediate family, so our Thanksgivings are usually pretty quiet. My mom and I bake a ton of desserts and then spend the day relaxing and indulging.”

Diane Ambrogio

“My family celebrates with a big home cooked meal each year. Just family, friends, lots of food and of course— wine.”

Ashley Kahat Headshot

Ashley Kahhat

“I’m thankful that most of my family lives lives close to me, but we are always so busy it can be hard to make time for family gatherings. Thanksgiving is one of the few times of the year we are all able to spend time together. We keep it simple with movies, fun games and of course an awesome thanksgiving meal.”

Last, but certainly not least, Paragon Events is thankful for our clients and the opportunities we have to continue learning, collaborating and partnering with such talented and cutting-edge people. Thank you!