Browse through our small to large-scale productions, custom in design and layout, with the purpose of engaging and educating the defined audience. Paragon Events Inc. works with high-end audio visual and entertainment partners to create a strong stage presence and seamless run-of-show. Our main goals are to achieve effective communication and active listening.
Business programs are our specialty, as we have serviced a variety of industries ranging from medical, government, financial, and technology sectors. From registration, to breakout sessions, networking lounges, and evening receptions, our team is able to help with it all. We will integrate your company’s goals and messaging throughout each facet of the event.
Paragon Events Inc. brings our clients’ dreams to life as we help them conceptualize their ideas into tangible displays and meaningful elements. We offer an exceptional attention to detail and unique approach to organize your special occasion. Explore our portfolio of weddings, birthday celebrations, and more monumental moments.

We go beyond the ordinary stage show. Paragon Events Inc. strives to secure captivating performances that evoke excitement and inspiration amongst a crowd. In addition, we distinctively source out entertainers and artisans who are significant to the destination and surrounding culture.

Creating an impactful visual ambiance is an integral part of every event. Using a special blend of accents, backdrops, furnishings and more, Paragon Events Inc. selects elements with purpose to transform a space into your brand’s story. By also incorporating the latest technology, music and optical effects, we deliver unforgettable experiences.
Known as the cornerstone of hospitality, Paragon Events seeks a culinary experience that entices people and ignites connections. After all, the idea of sharing a meal can lead to shared conversation, ideas, and fellowship. We carefully study and select menus that can accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and offer an experiential dining atmosphere.