Case Study

Continuing Medical Education Hospital Programs

The Scenario:

Worked in collaboration with the hospitals’ Medical Staff Symposium Planning Committees to coordinate and facilitate CME Symposiums. Paragon Events was asked to oversee the entire program design, development, implementation and execution of each of the 2 ½ day health care provider educational Symposiums.

The Process:


  • Provided site selection and set up the meeting space, accommodations, business theatre and other services.
  • Registration materials designed and displayed
  • Processed registration fees
  • Registration database developed, managed and rooming list and guarantees provided to clients
  • Menu planning and coordination of meals, breaks, and entertainment
  • Creation and mailing of invitations
  • Graphic design and support — agenda book, program and logo signage and flyers, PowerPoint and audio-video presentations
  • Sign in sheets, name badges, attendee lists
  • Assistance in design of presentations
  • Coordination of meeting rooms

Pre-CME Program Activities:

  • Established Program Planning Advisory Committee which served as the “point of contact” between Paragon Events staff and the host organization.
  • Developed, distributed and analyzed needs assessment survey to targeted audience for educational programs. This document provided a road map to how, what and why the program topics and agenda were selected.
  • Developed specific educational objectives and goals for each educational session in the program
  • Secured presenters for programs – recruiting speakers (who are well-known and respected in their individual fields of expertise) and handled all speaker logistics and travel arrangements
  • Completed and submitted CME/CEU application which included at a minimum the development of the following information:
  • Detailed program narrative and targeted audience demographics
  • Individual program session learning objectives
  • Educational program budget
  • Individual session presentation outlines including teaching methods/learning modalities
  • CVs and brief bios of all presenters and Planning Committee Members
  • Signed presenter / sponsor Conflict of Interest forms


  • On-site registration and check-in
  • Audio/visual coordination
  • AV/internet and full technical support /logistics
  • Staging and speaker logistics
  • Oversight of all dining and entertainment activities


  • Post event evaluations, thank-you’s, final accounting, and costing reconciliation
  • Analysis of competed Symposium program evaluations – separate forms for each course session and speaker
  • Completion and submission of required CME budget and grant/sponsor reconciliation forms
  • Completed and distributed participant certificates and speaker honorariums
  • Composed and mailed speaker and sponsor “letters of appreciation”

The Result:

Paragon Event staff worked with the host organizations to identify potential funding sources, wrote and submitted grant applications and worked with identified sponsors to secure their “in kind” or financial participation. Paragon Events completed all required financial forms and submitted documents to the accrediting and/or funding organization.

Paragon Events has been successful in providing different venues with CME programs that have informed, educated and offered networking forums for physicians having different specialties in pleasant, comfortable environments that fostered ongoing dialogue between the speakers and participants. Responsibilities have been expanded to include researching, interviewing and securing all speakers and the development and submission of required documents for the programs. The symposiums have continued to provide many opportunities for audience-presenter interactions with speakers who are able to discuss the latest treatment strategies, state and national issues/ mandates including the overall impact to the health care community. Ultimately, the overall goal of the CME educational symposiums is to enhance the quality of patient care and improve health outcomes.