What’s Your Fall Business Formula

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What’s Your Fall Business Formula

The metamorphosis from summer to fall brings a myriad of changes. The autumn air has a way of producing alterations in our fashion, climate, landscapes and recipes just to name a few. The fall also helps kick off football season and several favorite American holidays. For those of us in the business world, the change from summer to fall also initiates Fourth Quarter Business Decisions.

Hence, the official launch of Paragon Events’ Fall Formula Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes will provide participants with knowledgeable insights into this season’s most important issues in the event planning industry. The nuggets of wisdom will be published bi-weekly on Thursdays right here on our blog. By taking part in the Sweepstakes, you’ll also have a chance to win a new iPad 2; a piece of technology that Oprah Winfrey claims has completely changed the way she does business. Get involved in the conversation and help make your fall business plan and your event a stunning success.

And remember, as you break out the sweaters and whip up the season’s first pot of chili, that just as the seasons are always changing, so is the way of the event planning world.

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