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More Is More

It sounds simple enough, communicate regular updates to your clients; but this is a big point of contention in the business sector. In a world where communication is now a cornerstone, clients expect their hired service providers to be able to effectively communicate around the clock. When it comes to communication, less is not more. As a Director or Manager in any industry, it is safe to say the more you communicate with your client, the more your services will be appreciated.

In our ongoing Fall Formula survey, Updates, Good Response Time and Communication were all mentioned as top qualities a business partner must have. These same three nouns were also mentioned as frustrations often experienced when dealing in professional settings. So, it becomes quite obvious, if you want to be a top dog, you have to be willing and able to relay information at the drop of a hat. The good and the bad and the not so sure, clients want to know it all.

How can your business step up it’s communication? Do you have a Communication Policy in place? Is there a game-plan for follow-ups? Have you asked your client their preferred method of communing? Emma Thompson says it best, “Any problem, big or small, always seems to start with bad communication.”

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