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By: Smart Meetings Magazine

Attendees on long trips often experience jet lag, but steps can be taken to minimize the problem.

Prior to the trip, travelers might want to consult with their doctor to see if it is safe to take health supplements that help to control sleeping patterns.

Three days before the trip, it’s advisable to alter you sleep schedule gradually to lessen the impact of jet lag. It’s also important to drink more water than usual before boarding a plane, during the flight and for 48 hours after arrival at your destination.

Here are some other valuable tips:

  1. Finish your packing 24 hours before your scheduled flight to avoid last-minute stress, which can have a lasting affect when in the air and even upon arrival at your destination.
  2. While aboard the flight to your destination, it’s best to limit consumption of alcohol, since it can interfere with sleep patterns. Also, set your watch to the local time of your destination right away, to begin getting in synch with it.
  3. A helpful website to access for planning a sleep schedule for the time you spend at a destination is jetlagrooster.com.
  4. If you’re arriving at your destination in the daytime, it’s best to be very active—but not overly active–and to get plenty of sunlight. If you’re scheduled to reach your destination in the evening, be sure to keep awake on the plane so that you’ll have a sound sleep upon arrival.
  5. When you go to bed on the first night, keep the blinds/shades open in the room so that your body wakes up naturally with the light. It might be best to pack your own pillow, too, to guarantee comfort.
  6. Daily exercise helps to promote a good night’s sleep, but to ease into the time change, it’s best to avoid strenuous exercise within two hours of going to bed.
  7. Eating on schedule as soon as possible is the best way to maintain your energy and to adapt to the local time. Smaller, light meals are recommended throughout the duration of the trip to stay active and alert. Also, ease off the caffeine.

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