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How To Increase Attendance at Your Next Event

Christina Mathis
Successful Meetings Magazine Blog- New Members

Growing the participation in your event is more important now than ever, as featured in an article in Successful Meetings Magazine by Andrea Doyle. The article highlighted American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Burba Hotel Networks strategies to set events apart from other competitors. The goal is to bring suppliers and retailers together and draw a high number of attendees.

One of core strategies in increasing the number of participants is by partnering with the attendees. It is essential to invest time into learning what’s important to possible attendees and reaching out to make them feel like part of the event. The best way to accomplish this is by dedicating time to meet with them, key in on their needs and then attempting to incorporate them into the events. This becomes a free extension for marketing because the event now has people talking. Attendees are also attracted by low session costs involved with an event which allows a premium charge for exhibitor booths.

Another crucial component that can make an event so strong is getting potential participants involved early and putting an extra focus on first time attendees and exhibitors. By giving these first timers special attention they feel more comfortable networking. Take the time to go the extra mile and arrange speed-meets, gathering points, and allotted areas for new product launches that are easy to spot. It is imperative to satisfy attendees and exhibitors’ expectations in their quest to network.

The final component is incorporating high profile speakers and embracing the social media aspect. The key is to add interest by choosing individuals that have a connection to the industry. It is also important to save materials from previous events, by producing new URLs each year. This enables a company to build and produce content that helps people make a decision to attend that years event.

All these factors pave the way for a company to succeed in increasing the participation of new attendees. The time and care invested in these areas leave a lasting mark in people’s minds and an excitement for more.

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